Final Words in ModPo

November 21, 1916, the ModPo on-line course from Penn University from Coursera platform reached to an end. That course about Modern & Contemporary Poetry in USA was a 10 week Marathonian procedure involving video-lectures, analyses, readings, links to other mediums, quizzes, demanding assignments and a lot of effort. It’s closing end was a one hour live hangout from the Kelly Writers House, based in Pennsylvania, USA. The owner of this site inspired by the lecture videos drew with pencil on paper the panel with the Pr. Al Filreis in the middle and the students/participants in the most of those video-analyses. The final work came out after scanning the drawing where after optimised & colored digitally the drawing he adorned its backround for the upcoming holidays. mod-po-simposium-cl-4


O My Sweet, Sweet Bear! And dear, bear Honey! Eileen Myles (Augoustinos Kissamitakis)

Recasting  myles_the-honey-bear

Eileen Myles with this free verse poem called “The Honey Bear”, of the New York School poets declares her loneliness expressed by a delicate and distinct way, in an everyday ordinary detail that fills the atmosphere with a tragic isolation of self.

Trying to find a secondary message, deeper meanings in her poem, fact rather hard from the close reading, I found that there don’t exist any, without the poem losing its authenticity as it stands, the full of passion attitude, or its value per se.

I revealed some info in the web that partly confirmed the above statement and also Pr. Al said in one of the recent videos that “The language of poetry means was it is”. The author Mac Kenzie Davidson wrote after had spoken with Eileen about this very specific poem: (apposition 1).

On how she uses language and while searching for the “O” of her poem, I was sure it was the name of a pet, Eileen has always relationship with dog or cat, (apposition 2),  found that when she arrived in New York she was strongly influenced by Frank O’ Hara. So, the “O” may be used as the “O” Hara middle name. At the final lines of her poem the binary meaning of “O” is clear that is used and as exclamation.

About the Honey, Eileen was owner of a pit bull called Honey. So, the “Honey” can be also explained with a binary meaning (apposition 3).

Molding on the Poem

When firstly someone reads this poem a black suit of loneliness and inner-self-time dresses him/her up. It’s an ordinary night in the kitchen, bright in the sense of inner-feeling of the author and in the background voices of two jazz legends. Their fame surpasses local limits and someone may feel suffocated. As magnified lens they transform the reality of “now” in a hard to realize factor of comparison between space – time (clock night time – kitchen space) and the everlasting classic for those artistic existences with widened minds and wide souls as it is Eileen.

A cup of odd tea and a cat (or dog?) accomplish the scene. The years fall heavy to author. The night seems long so as to smoke a pack of cigarettes (working verses), when someone belongs to the “smoking generation”, (grass, cannabis etc).

Through her lines, the time changes alternately with the usage of past and present continuous tenses escalating images/emotions. This narration style belongs to New York School. Eileen by using past and present progressive gives us short and long term meaning to her feelings, to her presentation.

That’s one of the characteristics of New York’s “students” (School without students…?). The narrative style with a forth back time resonance and an anti-narrative look, in its unfolding images stabilizes the past and enhances with progressiveness the “now action” indeed in the past.

The final shape

She feels her kitchen “bright”, referred twice, bright to her senses. Her pet (?), O is sweet tonight. Two facts so matched together that someone touches her loneliness. With that she moved to sweeten her odd tea. The tube of honey shaped as bear squeezed by her impulse to sweeten her tea. A portion of honey is in her odd tea. From the loose cup few drops falls under bears eyes. She looks at them. How? Tears of honey run beneath bear’s eyes! In her bright kitchen, she is staring the “tears”, on the radio the voice of Ivy Anderson. “O” my Honey! How sweet can be made an odd tea this night?




After a brief conversation via email with Myles, however, I realized that I was not using the poem how Myles wrote it to be interpreted. Originally, I was trying to find a figurative/symbolic meaning, but then Myles told me that the poem was written very literally. After this I decided to focus more on the way the Myles uses language and how the way that she uses music affects the reader.  In my essay though, I still analyze the deeper meaning that I get from the poem; as Myles suggested when I asked her about the purpose “The question is what you see. Does it matter? We all see different.”

 I remember standing in a bookstore, Corinth Books, and picking Frank O’Hara’s SELECTED POEMS out of a pile and reading it. And I thought he sounded just like the city. It was this kind of gay man talking immediately, and I wanted to be in that.

Honey was a young very beautiful high energy pit who would be put down that day at 1PM. When I read the email it was 1:06. I quickly wrote Cheri back and began praying like a clown. The idea was to get Honey out of the shelter and away from her execution (her crime: having been there two weeks. That’s it for a young pit) and we’d figure out her future later. My fostering her was the first step.









New World Order

Times have changed verses.  B


The entity of Cosmos starts from poetry

For our pleasure and to what is our forgery.


As embrace was the fistful of our world

Were the days we tranquility call

Mental chorus which it played cheer songs

For a creation that it stands by its own.


This on earth and that at sea

To some uncertain and other more clear

Touch the strange and begins to appear

Creatures’ voices from the space, we hear

It’s that mourning that the universe sings.


When you find that that rhythm has decreased

Curse replaced by the kingdom of our fears

Then the verses of our heart would be in sorrow

To a vague, and uncertain crashed tomorrow.


Could the beat of our heart that has fallen?

Could the rhythm of our souls be in shaken?

Or… the Universe that’s ordered our death

To be present when we threaten this earth

Damned verses for we doubted our birth.

some more drawings

Holidays, Job & Some problems with my laptop deprived me the joy to get connected with this account and post some new work by me, act that I ought to say enjoy a lot. This is an illustration i worked 8 MARTIOU SMGOGOL 3bl SM αφισfor the 8th of March -World Day of Woman. The text next of the three drawings  says: Three different races though Mother is only one and only.

The next one is an illustration for amateur Theatrical Scene called ANEMH that in 14th of February played  Nikolai Gogol, LES MARRIAGES.

The last one is a work for a friend of mine for promoting her job in Loutraki. IOAN AFISS SM






Handmade Charcoal

ST. PAUL smamaranton SM


  1. St. Apostle Paul
  2.  Holy Virgin “The Unwithering Rose, Maria” 
  3.  Archangel Gabriel (scanned & colored digitally)                                                                                                                                                                      -They are all Handmade Charcoal on aquarelle, 250 gr paper, 29X40 cm (fixative mat)
    Designs based upon Holy Icons (hagiographies) of older centuries.