Writing 101- The Write Time to Right (or the opposite?)

Why do you write?
It is the Write Time to Right
There is another one question out of many in life’s QA that has millions of answers and still is been unanswered.
I write because… I need to. This is a good and firm answer. I stop writing for a period and life runs as it is, with hard and good times, with the ups and downs, with curves and straight ahead lines. And suddenly a discomfort and not-air-in-the-lungs period starts. Then, I feel suffocated, filled up with an unexplained burden in soul’s folds that needs to find its way out. That’s the right time for writing, I may say.
But… tell me is there such a time? Is there a time that you are ready to write down a story or to free your soul’s words blocked by more and more images and information?
If we answer, yes, we accept that soul’s folds have a limit or in other words a limited capacity. If we answer, no, we confirm that writing isn’t a need or for some don’t work that way. This is the most reasonable answer and I kiss till the next time this suffocation will hit the door of my brain. Because, it is known that the message of all human parts goes to the brain. Yes, that’s an untamed brain that cannot overwhelm the soul’s needs. It gets wrong messages the wrong time all the time. But, there are right messages the right time, too.
Aha! You see, now we have the right answer.
The right time to write right is to write with the right.
Yes, well, there is a point here. When we see it from above this is the correct answer but when we check it across side then the things aren’t equal the same. Suffocating by words and trying to answer the “unanswered question” with why, the “cause” lies somewhere in the middle between truth and reality’s needs. And this is without any theory and any idiotic explanation like the above “story’, it is because I like writing!
To cut short a long road is easier than to make long a short one. Don’t you think so?


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