Things I like
Between the two beloved faces that marked my life I decided this morning to make a list of the things that I like to them and in a wider degree all around woman.
I confirm from the very beginning that I like the woman as creature of this wonderful planet, earth. And… into this point I declare that I am not a sexist human “pig” but a poor bard of her beauty that blinded me.
I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk (words of the song)
The way you make wrong and trembling try to correct
The way you seat back and innocently try to induce
The way you are dressed up and is always sick
The way you smoke and the rings of the smoke play with your hair
The way cry when isn’t the time the time you laugh on time
The way you’ve got an idea and it’s always brilliant
The way you grow up your children & the way you protect them
The way you defense when you or other women are in difficult situation
The way you think when we are in hard times
The merit you’ve got from God to cure all soul diseases with a warm embrace
The miracle of your nature, though wicker, you are powerful
And last is the way you change me as human

The list is endless and I decided to stop for now until your birthday. Then, when the roses bloom and the green grass of memories cover all of my planet.

writing a list which is endless is not a good idea so don’t judge me hursh


2 thoughts on “WRITING 101 -BETWEEN TWO WOMEN

  1. Kelli

    I found a letter from my ex recently while spring cleaning, it was a list of things loved about me. I got the same feeling reading your list. I hope the object of your affection appreciates and is well aware of how much you love her. Your list is wonderful.

    1. augokissas Post author

      Don’t mention Kelli, she is an ex, too. The lists are made for not to forget to do or buy actions/things. The same exactly works here, a list for not to forget to…


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