Let It Be Ej

EJ CHIN EJ Kohwith ‏@thisisEJKoh
You study, study, study, and at the end, you are lucky enough to discover the greatest gift of education: that you know nothing at all.

I may agree with you Ej. Let it be.
It’s amazing to discover that knowing more and more actually grows the fields of ignorance. Some scientists resemble this “game” with an island in the ocean. The island represents our known part where ocean is the unknown unknowns. As bigger gets the island into the ocean in an analogical portion grows its coastal line, where is the known unknowns. Our knowledge grows parallel with our ignorance. That’s not a bitter fact knowing that our freedom in choosing things, parts, whatever are our movements to ignorance, (Scientists don’t mean the routine actions). Furthermore it is strong the fact that Fine Arts work on the field of ignorance when their work is creative. Expressing yourself in any medium (influenced by others or not) you dare steps in the ignorance part of yourself. In the education system where the knowledge we get is too conservative and “dull” the ignorance is more provoking.
But… Ignorance isn’t too bad thing counting that today we want to know everything and to have a hand on everything. We want to forecast weather, earthquakes, Markets, movements of others, anything. Nature knows more than we and God lots and lots more so let it be. It doesn’t deserve to know everything so we study nescience.


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