Dealing with Space & Time

WRITING 101 –The right place for writing

• What are your writing habits?
• What equipment or supplies do you use to write?
• What do you need and want in a physical space?

Concentration, the art of keeping focused on the target and to have a clear, as much as possible, pace writing precisely on the subject is the most important in writing, no matter the noise around. Surrounding noise isn’t an obstacle for me as far as it isn’t a drill in the ears.

Three, four years ago I used to write by hand with a pen on an expensive notebook, those with hard cover like book. I love to do it till now though I haven’t done it for years because I found typewriting in laptop easier and faster.
My physical space is my room in an apartment downtown which window looks at a common urban street. It’s a plain room with bed, desk, good light & convenient space. I have an apartment with very beautiful sight at the sea, where I don’t use for writing. As a matter of fact I am against writing in a nice environment. It may overwhelm & abstract you. I’ve many times tried to concentrate in front of the sea (or an environment like the photo “the space to write”) and always lose time trying. Additional bonus for writing, which I want partially and not all the times, is some portions of alcohol that inspires me. A must for writing is music especially live programs from radio. It’s my best. I can write any time of the day, “24 hours open’, but the night hours seem better.

The desk I use for writing, also draw caricature & cartoon in a self-made drawing structure. Writing stories for drawings after in panels as comic is a nice activity and the place I use is cut to my meters.
I think “the night time is the right time”, from the known Blues. So, the space is right, the time you’ve got the idea.


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