“I believe I’m awesome, clever & powerful. What do you think…?”

“I think/I believe I’m awesome, clever & powerful. What do you think…?”

The above statement could be true or false. It could be nonsense or an excess statement. Either case the fact is that this is what “I think, I believe”.
Yes, that I think! What a multi-used verb that has its root in how well we know ourselves and what image we adopt about reality’s peculiarities as an extent. Much repentance may arise from the fact that “I thought of”, “I believed that”.
That’s because this verb when used in past tense, time’s consequence as results reveals the wrong position we had once. The false perception about what we believed that it was… whatever.

I am in a restaurant waiting a friend of mine who is delayed. Two adjust tables in front of me, a wonderful blonde creature scanning the place arrogant. She has a perfect silhouette, airy hairs & attractive bright face. I steer my eyes to her beauty every time I look for the arrival of my friend. And this happens often and more often till I grasp myself stuck on her appearance. So, without more thoughts I stand up and direct to her table almost invisible. I just want to have an opportunity to meet her. I am prepared for everything and anything may arise. So, I approach her and before asking her she returns and gives me her order. “Martini, please, two rocks”.
“Yes, mom!” I answered looking through her deep blue eyes. Brethless and with the slap on my face left to complete her order for a further opportunity, decided to play till end. Passing by the glassy door of the kitchen I stopped. I notice my mirrored silhouette in the glass. Fat, older than I was once and the most important… broken! What was it that I first believed? An impulse, a wish, a false perception to fool myself. Was there the slightest possibility to come with me this angel? O. K. let say she agreed to my proposal. Doing what after a date? What was that I had first believed? What a foolish thought!

Once, a friend of mine (not the one I waited in the restaurant) with broken foot told me the next. As an experienced rider for over 15 years, he was driving his motorcycle in a narrow rural road full of curves. In front of him was a truck that bothered him with driving slow. In a small straight distance between two curves, he rode out of his line to overpass it. And… then a car came the opposite line caused him to ride in the fields. That’s was the broken leg for.
When I asked him how happened it answered plainly “I thought that I could do it”.
That’s simple, someone may cause losing own life because “he/she thinks/believes that can do it”.

A neighbor didn’t take his treatment pill for his heart and caused him a heart attack. When we asked him he said “I felt much better last week and I thought why should I continue the therapy.

A girlfriend, who adores dressing up smart and on fashion, bought an expensive suit that everybody, told her that it didn’t suit to her, because she has some more kilos on her. She believed that she was nice on her and bought it, vainly. It wasn’t for her body. All friends and especially the “enemies” told her.

My nephew got married three years ago the wrong person who everyone accepted in the beginning but with some deliberations. He got divorced last year and he alleged “I believed that she would be perfect for me.”
She wasn’t.

What do you think about our wrong actions and choices that give us opportunity to learn something, leading us to maturity and some other actions and choices we took opposed to society’s rules/opinions etc might hurt people and cause pain to others?

Both stages begin from what we think about ourselves and how we reach in the outcome of our decisions. What we believe we are against what we realy are. Both have their weight on what exactly we imagine we are, believe others for us, or even we suppose for the outcomes of our choices without based on evidence.
Time over time as well as facts will confirm/accredit how close to our self-esteem is in reality and how really real what we believe is. I believe we should just “click twice” on our choices.
What do you believe?


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