Spirit & Merit are Different Magnitudes (as we use different units of measurement)*

If there will be no one to write, then spirit of those who need to drink up from creative minds dries up. 🙂

I may agree with you if you accept the following evidence.
According to what you wrote as comment (if I understood correctly), Tennessee Williams, Dorothy Parker, Edgar Allen Poe, Dylan Tomas, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Bukowski and so many others would have been dried up minds if there weren’t the creative minds to drink up from. Concerning me, the fact that I drink & write doesn’t make one them, no way. But, this isn’t the point of my argument. The wrong-based comment starts from the “label” biased society gives to drinkers, trying to put them to corner and the innocent followers behind of this logic of actions. (And anyway I am not a heavy drinker at all, but yes I drink).

O.K., let’s see, together this logic.
There out are minds that drink up and write (also), as well as those that they don’t drink and write, right? Once the outcome is the author, in both cases we meet creative or dried up minds. (We also meet non-drinkers that they don’t write). Drinkers don’t write creatively, if do not have the talent as well as non-drinkers don’t write creatively when aren’t gifted. So, drink doesn’t add anything qualitative on writing but it’s just for the rich feelings of the user. Please, don’t confuse merit, spirit, habit and pation. They are not all in the same basket as meanings and don’t categorize people. In addition the fact that you like cats as pet and I prefer dogs doesn’t put a separation line between us, unless you want to put one.

Because, borderlines are inside us.
There isn’t positive power in narrow minds. Broaden minds confirm that creativity isn’t merit of no-drinkers and of course the opposite. You have to realize that this perception about drinkers of others non-drinkers creative minds is pointless & out of any reality.
So your comment was a bitter (& harsh) wordplay but not a fact. I think it was more a bitter comment with indirect target the “unfruitful minds” than for the drinkers, themselves. Drinker-writers aren’t a category by themselves unless you want to give them a label.
It’s true that in the link I adduce gives a respectful approach to those (bliahhhh!) Drinkers/Writers:


From a dried-up-mind
My respects (and thanks for your comment, anyhow)

P.S. A piece of advice: Try to drink a little, a little, just for the positive power or… for shining up your spirit in case creative minds dry up.

*Spirit unit measurement: alcoholic degrees & occasionally in its value
Merit unit measurement: in its value & never in degrees it’s stratification in classes otherwise separation.


6 thoughts on “Spirit & Merit are Different Magnitudes (as we use different units of measurement)*

  1. jacquelineobyikocha

    I love the quote you started with. I wonder what would become of me if those who quench my thirst with their writings were to stop writing. That’s an unimaginable and miserable thought. We must encourage creativity. Nice

    1. augokissas Post author

      Jaqueline I say the same with a small difference: I wonder what would become of me if those who quench my thirst with their writings were to stop drinking. That’s a very very unimaginable and miserable thought. Creativity doesn’t come from drinking as well as dull minds. At the old simposiums of ancient Athens where were born the great philoshophers, their dialectic dialogues were accompanied by lot of wine. Thank you.

  2. augokissas Post author

    I like that you pass me the ball (the cup). Thanks! There are different drinks all over the world and cause different intoxication symptoms. It is real that beer has different outcomes than Votca or Whiskey etc. Wine! Wine is a more emotional drink. Warms up the heart and gives ideas to mind under the correct portions. The correct portion isn’t equal and the same for all but everyone has to know his limits. I’ll try to give a sign of the limit. When someone drinks wine and starts to love all the globe then is his correct point. For the whiskey the limit should be three less glasses, and the same become reality when the wine is too strong.


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