A Letter to “Dear Dad”

Dear Dad

The fact that I word far doesn’t mean that I don’t think of you. I love you and there isn’t a single moment that your beloved face comes to my mind. Especially when I play with your grandchildren, they are now playing in front of me. They salute you as I do and we send you our best wishes in the health test that I learned the doctor gave you. I do believe that the pain in your chest wouldn’t be something serious and I reject any thought against this.

We’ve already planned (with Marie & children) the summer vacations and think that is just few months ahead to meet all together in the garden. Nick goes to next class and he is very clever & steady pupil that said his teacher to Marie and we all agreed that he took it from you. Sofia apart school learns dancing & guitar as well, I want to believe that till summer she will play for us, one –two songs. Marie is as you know a good mother & wife and spends all her free time with children and me.

Do you remember Costa, the guy last summer visited us with his wife, Amy, she had an easy, cool birth few weeks ago and their new son came to our world. They’ve moved in a bigger house recently that is closer to ours and we meet almost every weekend, doing BQ and having fun. Costas & Amy decided to baptize the baby with the name George, who is the name of Amy’s father. They proposed me to baptize it and I accepted.

My beloved father, I send you some money, which from tomorrow will be available in the bank and don’t hesitate in anything more you want to notice me. I leave you for now wishing you once more all the best with your health.
We send you many kisses, I, Marie and children
We love you

(It wasn’t this letter that I had in my mind to write down but that’s it’s now)


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