Writing 101- Friend & coffee… for motor, camping, weather, plans etc

If we are having coffee right now… for motor, camping, weather, plans etc

If we are having coffee right now… I would tell you about my old motorcycle that it needs to be repaired or replaced. My old has started some small problems but is time for the big ones as it’s now over 50000 running km. From the other, I’ve found a Yam… 400cc in very nice condition for good money but I’m thinking of, because it’s four cylinders and I’m afraid it’ll have expensive maintenance costs.
●I wouldn’t mention the fact that I cannot afford an expensive and securer bike nowadays, forgetting the old days when we rode “heavy duty bikes”.

If we are having coffee right now… I would tell you how distractive were for the local commerce the weather as the half July and all the August had strong winds that don’t let the swimmers enjoy the sea. How the first days of September we had rains that almost ruined our festival. How the moisture and high temperatures during this summer made problems to aged people.
●I wouldn’t tell you the reason why moved from the apartment downtown to the other in the country, once the flat has no good air, no balcony, and it’s depressing for our aged parents.

If we are having coffee right now…I will mention the bitter fact that we haven’t been in a summer camping for the last four years once our jobs and the crisis don’t let us enjoy such wonderful moments. We would mind-travelled together to the trips cross country on bikes and the last camping hours.
●I would have avoided referring to the accident you had two years ago leaving you unable to ride on bike.

If we are having coffee right now… I would ask you to tell me for your son who has grown up and goes to the next class. How he is going with basket and he says about his team. I would tell you about my students, boys & girls about their optimistic and pessimistic dreams about the way they plan their future.
●I wouldn’t tell you for some depressing facts as are the death of Billy’s mother; the failure of George to meet the needs of his choices and this made him more anxious and tottery etc.

If we are having coffee right now… I would tell you my plans for the next winter. How I’m going to spend my working hours, my teaching hours, my spare hours. Leisure in winter is rare, you know, but I manage to save some time for writing and drawing. And… I plan a trip the first days of November so as to see you before heavy winter reach our door. That would be fun, once we haven’t met for over a year.
●I would hide from you the Alzheimer of our father that has recently diagnosed doctor and that the winter conditions in the flat won’t be the best for him.

By protecting some facts in a flowing conversation makes the tongue secure and the taste of the coffee stable, of course in… some cases.

Coffee time isn’t the time of truth and in some cases the less we don’t refer are the most important versus the surplus discussion we do.

In other words chit-chat with coffee & friends is the most relaxing event but some things aren’t for consume.


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