Writing 101 and not writing… 102

Writing or not is the same. Nobody reads me…

There some years I quitted from the perspective to write down a whole book that will be published. I wrote professionally as journalist and amateurish as I like writing. In the first I lived from writing, I saw many times my name printed and in a period I wrote short story in papers, while I did my journalistic depts. My hope for my work to get published in a book with the literal meaning of the word has been put out. When the hope died together altered and the scope. So now I write for my own pleasure and this freed me in a degree.
Now, I write everyday but different things and never or almost never literature.
So, the time I don’t write I draw cartoons a habit that started 30 years ago. Sometimes, though it needs a lot of work, I try to connect my old stories in drawings. Until now I’ve finished four comics, made by trial and effort that I enjoy working on.
I enjoy also watching animated cartoons and that’s my best time after a whole day.
Since recently, I had a touring motorcycle of “mega” cubic centimeters and I enjoyed running in the country and highways with the sense of freedom in soul and body. That was a great time also and a kick for writing later, mostly poems and little of prose.
Now I’ve got a small motorcycle, just for the city, and this caused me broken wings and a bitter feeling as I don’t know what to write and where to start from.
I also used to have a company that we met drinking, eating and dialoguing on cool and smart subjects. They stopped, too. I lost another one occasion for writing or a cause for those meditation hours.
Anyway I think is a period that it will end. I believe that our good hours we have not lived yet. They are ahead and we are going to meet them in the future. Far or near it is a matter of time and when the watch is lost there are two parameters, time goes to slow, or time goes to fast. Slow is better for all things they are about to mature.

Writing 101 is a good excuse for writing though now is a period where spare time is less than the 24 hours of the day.


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