Writing 101 – Playing with the word “count”:

Writing 101 – Playing with the word “count”:

Our “many” countable errors are less than those with “much” emotion in our uncountable mistakes

All day long John counts money for the bank he works. The night he falls to sleep with a numerous vision of numbers passing by his mind. During the darkest edge of his deep sleep a nightmare visits him. It’s a shadowed face that repeats him in a hoarse, echoed voice “you owe me”. Sweated and freaked stands up and gasps the cross behind his pillow. Everyday stereotypes the same repeating counting and everynight takes on the same nightmare. One day, in a sudden unpredicted moment, John realizes the dull, empty life that spends in foolish things and stops counting.

Mary was born in the far mountains of Yperus. When she was a child a rich shepherd adopted her and so Mary grew up in good hands. At the age of 24 years old, pretty & clever inherited her parents and a huge number of sheep came to her property. She was now rich but didn’t know to count. As a matter of fact she didn’t know to read either, she was unlettered. She thought, she over thought, she thought a lot and finally found a solution. Yes, married with John accountant, who now counts sheep on behalf of Mary.

In front of Jessica, the blonde scrivener at the fifth floor in Leopard Boulevard, a rather odd looking couple asks for a contract. Jessica had already prepared a copy of what they had asked and with an airy motion passed it to them. While John reads the contract, Mary stares at Jessica with a rather annoying way. In a sudden, Mary turns a slap to Johns face and leaves the office. As John runs behind her, Mary yells to him. “I understood it was set up, cheating. She worked with you in the bank”. Mary was unlettered but not stupid.

Since then Mary decided to be educated so as to count everything by herself. That’s what it counts most.

I tried the 100-word story. There are three of them. Sorry for altering the theme a bit but otherwise I had no visual target.


4 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Playing with the word “count”:

    1. augokissas Post author

      Thanks you! There was another one or… may be two more stories according to my schedule so as to connect the first and the last one of the stories but I had no time, so uploaded as it was. I adore short stories and flash fiction writing because they don’t get tired the reader and they are so straightfoward in any message they may transfer. I have never thought of myself writing immence plots. I encourage you to try out the method of writing an anecdote/story of 150-200 words full in meaning and completed in emotions, unless you want to leave the emotions lay somewhere in the air, and the meanings are a pazzle game.
      It is acceptable. Thank you.

      1. rosemawrites

        You’re welcome! It is my pleasure to read such wonderful stories. I agree. I am not a fan of too long posts too! But flash fictions are not easy to write. So.. you’re awesome!

  1. augokissas Post author

    Thank you, that’s a nice comment and I needed it. I send you something in your blog. You write very touching and delicate as a flower blossoming in the Spring. The fact is that Flowers have to tolerate Winter and I’m afraid this a parameter for all humans. I wish you to blossom during all year through, though… I think this doesn’t concern you once you won’t have material to write, afterwards. Writers learn more from their deaths (concetration period) than their resurrections, (writitng period). Isn’t it so?


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