Writing 101- I had to do it, can you see?

Writing 101- Compose a series of vignettes

Tonight I had dinner together with the memories of last night, when I tasted my loneliness accompanied with you.

February of 1993
Marietta was a blonde, clever, educated woman and when I say “woman” I mean all the differences have a woman from a girl. First of all in the first sight of one met each other, she as woman embraced my appearance in a way that I as man made me afraid. Men always afraid of women not for what they are as much as what they might be. There is inside us a biased, dark image about women from the times of Adam and the damn apple. Don’t trust men that are too friends with a woman, they are or… something or… nothing. Anyway Marietta made me cover my face at first because I went in her heart and I was a very hard guy with a past and very experienced. Sheet, I embraced as well and as I was falling in love, I, yes I lost the earth under my feet.
The fact is that there was a man in her life so I had to give a fight to get her or to continue to whistle indifferent as I had done all the previous years. We matched, we explained the situation, and we found everything together. That period I lost my work for some other reasons and that was as… I lost my sword. Ha! I forget to mention, she was successful & had a certain situation for her life that I didn’t.
O.K. when I had to fight, what weapons should I have used, my beauty? I am not.
It had hurt a lot, when two years after our relationship, she told me that she didn’t love the other guy but me and to do something. BUT my condition financially was worst than it was before and I let her married this guy. Bitter falls crept for the rest of my life. The train passed me by and I had no ticket to embark or rather I hadn’t the courage to take advance of the situation. I blamed myself but it had already been late when from their honeymoon called me every little a while. A night called me saying “you decided this”. She finished me and she had right. Women forgive those who exploit a situation but never those who lost one. My weapons were… lost, but.

June of 2000
I had my new bike, I worked for the press and I planned my summer vacations. Marietta was there out of her tutorial English language and moved her hand to me. I stopped and as I had many years to seen her I embraced & kissed her. If you had wanted, she told me, we could have been together.
Oh my! Everything flashed me back almost 10 years ago or less. She was perfect, a mother of two boys, mature and innocent lady of my dreams. But… I am not as I evil as I look. Why should I have done that to her husband? Though she invited me to her new home- the old one I knew it very well- and I went. It was a perfect household with the rooms of children, the bedroom and the balcony where we sat.
Where is Dimitris ( her husband), I asked. He is working, taxi.
TAXI!? I exclaimed because I knew he wasn’t taxi driver.
Yes, what do you think, he is doing three different jobs so as to bring the same money as I do.
Marietta! But… he is an English teacher (as I am) how did you do that?
He has to offer what I do, therefore, he is in my school in the morning, the evening in his uncle’s work, (making frames for photos) and later he works taxi. That’s it!
With a relief in my lungs, I said inside me, thanks a lot Dimitris you have saved me, and outside of me I said “good well Marietta, you put him in the right place”.
He didn’t take me for my money and that’s all. He has to prove his love to me. I stepped out her family not wanting to disturb her serenity.

October of 2011
I teach English in the Cultural Center of our church and the need for English books of that level is a demand as they are very expensive for the students to buy them. So, I had the telephone number of Marietta and I asked to help me. She is positive to my proposal and as she had many free books she told me “to come and get it”. I met her in the square of her area a noon that the sun was bright and the sky was blue. Blue was my soul too but I bite my heart and go through this philanthropic meeting.
She was attractive as she always was. She was brilliant appearance and a…
I got the books we chanced some typical phrases with the sun in our eyes and a loving airy attract in the bodies.
When I left I said to myself “we didn’t met Marietta but I love you, you want to know that.
The English class was great that year and though my mind goes many times to her embrace I don’t take a phone as she didn’t too. I know she loves me and she knows I love her.
What wrong with this Dimitris?
I didn’t want to do this to him as I don’t want to do someone to me.


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