Writing 101- Steps Towards a New Era

Writing 101- Recreate a single day

Steps Towards a New Era

It was one of those days when someone whishes not to had been born. I had had a need to get rid of them that the only thing I wanted was my… bed! Tired, anxious and depressed I fell to sleep in a cold, wet room. As the light turned off, the images of this hectic day came to my mind noisily, disturbing my effort to sleep. From the first reiterated images, I understood. I said sadly goodbye to dormancy and by grasping my pillow under head tightly, started travelling through the hours & events of the day, scattered in the beginning and in a dummy tiresome series, later. “Oh! Do I have to live this once more?!!” I cried out in vain as this hostile trip had already started.

Have you ever thought to be good once, just for change? I asked my neighbor, who once more had hit the rear of my car in his effort to park his car. And once more he answered by swearing and gnarring in a way that I wanted to punch him. I gave space to my anger and I let him be.

While I was driving to my work, a drunken tramp fell to my right door, when I started up, right from the red traffic light, hopefully without hearting or causing any damages only a good delay. Since then…the whole day went wrong.

There was a robbery at the near to my office bank and I couldn’t get any money, too. One block behind me, a shop got fire and the fire-brigades used my road, where happened an unbelievable traffic jam followed by a terrible noise that made impossible to work.

At the same time, brake news on TV made known to the public the fallen Twin Towers in New York City. Any Television set in my city were crowded while people wanted to know more about the attack.

Waiting for the money transaction out of my bank, my head was about to break and I took an aspirin. The police cars were outside and officers of a high rank went in & out searching, measuring & ordering commands. Casual people in a raw expected their money like me, arguing on how the world has changed. Everyone had an opinion that I refused to discuss then and now.

Not finding an edge, I let the bank and disappointed walked to my office. Crossing the main road I stopped to a window of a shop selling TVs where over thirty people swarmed up watching this terrible news of the attack. I watched just two seconds from the images with the planes crashing on the buildings, the smog and the people screaming. I left immediately walking rashly so as to reach too my shelter office as fast as possible. The images of the crashed planes and the people screaming went to my mind by and by when I reached to the place the fire had expanded. Flames out of the windows, white dust and dark smokes were inside and out the building. Fast motion was all over the place. New images overwhelming my head and dizzy as I was I followed the firemen orders and finally reached my office. I ordered a hot cup of coffee and sat down looking at the ceiling.

As the phone rang in front of me, I‘d made my cross in case something bad was next. And that was. On the phone was the lawyer of my wife, asking an appointment because my other-half asked divorcement. I arranged the day & time and by hanging up the phone I laughed, noisily that my clerk asked me if everything was O.K.
Great I answered! And opened the small TV set in the opposite right corner of the room. I resumed up. I had my shelter, my hot cup of coffee, my TV on, a lit cigarette, a headache, and a proposal for divorcement. I hadn’t cash money, my peaceful & quiet morning and I had no idea what was going on, what would be next.

On TV, the news gives and takes from comments to probabilities, from guessing to rumors and it seemed that nobody knew the slightest thing on the event. Scientists & Spokesmen talk about a new page in the history and others argued that it is a new chapter. When we, civilians don’t have measure on a crime any probability is acceptable or rather it turns to possibility.

The fire department’s hook & ladder trucks continuously passing outside my window and together with the fire sirens, the horns of the cars added a freak surrounding echo to the whole situation. My clerk came into the room telling me that the wind blew from the other side of the city so we hadn’t any smoke in our building. That was a good new after all and I said him to sit with me. In the beginning we said a few about the attack and the Twin Towers but because we knew just too little, he started telling me about his younger son that had had an accident last night and he was in the hospital so asked me to let him leave earlier from work. We agreed on as soon as the bank permitted the transactions and got some money he might immediately leave. He left for the bank leaving me alone in the office.

It was almost noon when a phone call made me nervous. I was thinking over the phone set, hesitating on the question if I should pick it up or let it rang. Finally I took courage and answered. It was my clerk phoning from the bank and telling me that there was no possibility for transaction today. They were all angaged with the robbery. I let him went to his son right from the bank and I left the office, too. No work for today, I whispered in front of the elevator.

The office is at the third floor so the elevator had inside two youngsters from the upper floors. It was something natural so, I went in and turned my back asking them if they went down. I think I heard a positive answer and I pressed the button when I felt a cold iron to my neck while asking me for my money. I recovered few hours later in the hospital with a young nurse over me, telling that there was nothing to worry about. I had just some scratches on my head from the beating. I had no money with me so the two teens in the elevator took me my cards and watch while hit my head with something heavy and leaving me unconscious in the lift.

Little later I felt O.K. and they let me leave. It was already evening and I decided after the hospital to visit my friend as I needed it. I wanted just to have some drinks and a bit of chit chat on all those that happened and trespassed so uninvited our lifes. Don’t forget to mention that my headache went off after the beating. I resumed this as good point.

I reached to my friend’s flat and patiently waited to open me the door. He had a car accident last May and this caused him to move on a wheelchair. Last summer had he divorcement with his wife, who had together his two children. Behind the door I saw his face black & blue and in worry I asked him what these were. He had fallen down from the two stairs of the living room in his effort to pick up the phone. So you have to have the phone in another place I said and we laughed together between aches and faces of pain. I thought that the day is going to turn better than it was in the morning.

After few glasses of wine and all the news under the microscope of two experts we were laughing listening music on the radio. And then it happened…
Mum! We screamed both when the ground was moving from one side to room close other, and the furniture in the small apartment went upside-down. The light went out and the security sirens in the neighborhood started all together whistling. It was an earthquake, and a strong one, indeed! No television for news, no light to find our way out and no sense of what was it.

With my lighter on, I tried to help my friend to recover from the shock. Searching in the dark and with the help of my lighter we found our way out and there was the real face of chaos. Families were across the street with whatever had on them and in front of ruins or wounded buildings. Confused & dizzies were trying one to give courage to other while the dark was proceeding and a rather unpredictable night was about to come. Little later, a battery radio broadcasted that it was a shock of 7, 4 Richter scale.

As soon as I had had my friend in good hands and I had given the help I could give to others I retired to my place. What a day! I think that I yelled with my pillow under my head and all these images stirring my emotions. I tried to keep that day in my mind and I searched. I remember that I said to myself “September 11th, what a day!” I was wondering that though the town I reside is too many miles far from the City of New York and the event, which shock was bigger, the attack or the earthquake.

As soon as I realized and accepted that a new era was about to come and a new world was in front of us, a scared but odly innocent slept sat on my eyelids plunging my soul into a restful condition of sleep.


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