Writing 101- From the tags of a year and… something

Writing 101- Mine your own material

It’s a well known song by Jethro Tull saying “too old to rock ‘n’ roll, too young to die”. In the same almost meaning, I’m old in age but new in the social web media. So, I haven’t got any of those “live on line documents”, old or new to refer to.

I’ve never had a positive attitude towards these noisy mediums because I believe they have as main target to show off personalities. Probably I’m wrong so, I don’t blame those who do it, just it isn’t for me. I don’t follow, I don’t comprehend. WordPress.com is different. That’s why I choose WordPress.com to display my work because I feel like being a little more discreet. It isn’t noisy, it doesn’t yell nor cultivate the vanity in its community, in that degree, anyway. May be I’m also wrong but it is how I feel and I take this sense.

This is the reason I’m late in this assignment because I don’t know what is Tag Cloud Widget or “Take a peek in the drafts section of your dashboard”.

I shall try to write a poem, asmall one, from the words/phrases of my tags (if I understood correctly the alternative assignment). I chose poetry as it is much easier for me, otherwise forgive me. I tried to use as many words as I could from the beneath tags.

“writing201” – poetry
…in words
birds thank to you
cart +oon
comic books & graphic novels
cultural center of virgin maria -loutraki
designing for products
employer of glory
greek artists
in soul’s shelf (self)
john ritsos (1909-1990)
journey-limerick- alliteration
landscape: the legendary love
prose + poetry = prosetry
some designs
the future sonnet of chiasmus
trust: a sensitive situation

From the tags of a year and… something

In some cartoons
In some designs
The love & trust
Give us the signs.

The situation of a sense
The future art of a sonnet
Cultural center and its products
Proses are almost like the novels.

Glory is journey in the fog
When the metaphor is fault
Artists & photos are so vague
Prose & poetry arrayed.

Employing words searching for some
Alliteration for Sensitive Minds
To trust the Writing 101
It’s situation for one who tries.


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