Writing 101- Map & Bike never Die

Map & Bike never Die
Greece 2004, the Olympic Games in Athens were being prepared, all Athens was under construction. Thanks God the last summer 2003 I moved to a city 98 kilometers far from Athens with the perception to avoid this entire crazy situation. (Then, I worked for an athletic newspaper and I know exactly what I write). My bike-mate has the same feeling for the capital of Greece under the Olympic event and we decided to move farer and farer.
So, back in summer 2004, when two bikes of a serious cubism met in Corinth to realize the tour of Peloponnesus. It was my best vacations I’ve ever done, with a lot of nice camping by the beach and of course a lot of map searching to find out those idyllic places. One place after the other had something new to say, meeting new people for those deserves to keep into memory’s pages.
We met in Corinth and continued to the city of Patra something 130 klm west at the west coast of Peloponnesus. Somewhere in the middle of this distance, I had a fElat tire. We didn’t get it as negative because it was close to Akrata, a very nice city. We had breakfast and coffee there till it was fixed.
After that nice coffee by the beach and tire fixed we started the trip once more. We reached Patra almost noon and challenged with the idea to be boarded on a ship that was leaving port of Patras to Italy. We didn’t need a passport because it few days ago when the European Community had agreed that we can travel only with our ID card.
After discussion we refused this option and continued our trip to Kylliene. It’s also a city-port to Ionian islands. With the map on hands we found that few klm out of the city there was a nice camping and we visited.
A camping to nowhere. It was impossible to imagine that there would be a so nice site with a shadowed by big-high trees camping. The beach was awesome as well as the food in its restaurant. The evening we asked a play to spend our time and they send us to a small village, we didn’t know its existance. The main street, almost 200-300 meters, its square and a street towards the beach were all crowded. It was tiny marvelous village, an absolutely other place as in one just street has only two nice restaurants, two nice Bars and a large dancing room. We chose the Bar at the end of this street which drove to the sea front. A blue limelight was directed from the Bar to the sea. The luxurious environment was dressed with ethnic music that was of good taste, too, and the drinks were pure. It was a surprise to us and a nice night.
The next day after swemming and a very good meal at a canteen next to camping with a very tasteful wine we rode to Kyliene, where we ate fresh fish on coal and we also tasted their good wine in kilos. We spent there three nihgts and we the fourth day left for the next camping that our map shown with the mark of a black tent.
(to be continued, sorry I am short in time.)


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