Writing 101- The future – Dust to Dust & Asses to Asses

Writing 101- The future
• 500, 1000, 2000 years from now . . .
Dust to Dust & Asses to Asses
Under the saying “don’t take anything for granted” the only certain prediction is talking about 500 or 1000 years or even 2000 years from now than to foreseen the next seconds.

This safe version has its source in the fact that we are so unbreakable, so durable and non-expandable that we can hardly believe that future is every minute after the one we live and breathe and make good & bad things by choice.
So near is the future that I don’t remember how close is the day we started this writing game. Are we at the beginning now or we finish? How quickly, short, flash was this journey!

I think we live our future and not our present. The space between future and present is so close in our days that it is better to present someone the present as future than the future as present. Many writers begin their story at the end of it and unfold the story till the first day. Or… others start in the middle of a plot and by going back meet the person/event/situation to end up together the story. Some others start telling the story from the very beginning (it is rare in our days) till the end with a continuing phase of the plot. That’s a tiresome way to display facts the time never comes in tight coherence.

My story begins 500 years after now, when my incomes permit buying a respectful motorcycle. If you answer that “there is no way to ride bikes 500 years after” I will tell to the motor cycle company you work for to fire you because you are not a good salesman at all. If you want to sell me something different you have to come with me to the next 1000 years when some second-class football teams win the world championship.

If you answer “that’s impossible!” I will agree with you saying that you are a good medium (fortuneteller) and you can see the future better than I do.
In 2000 years from now, I will be happy. The cause is dimply I will have answered all my questions and I’ll have solved all my problems. Though, I am happy now living with these questions & problems. It may be this because I predict the answers & solutions. What the solution of one problem is now an the answer of a question, the same or similar it will be in 2000 years, this is what Human History has taught us through centuries. The décor changes, the back ground alters, the civilization evolves but the people with its common or personal problems stay still, in same worries, same in different minds thinking, equal attitudes on almost same subject. When someone confronts a problem tries to find a solution. When someone tries to predict future problems in order to solve future problems, he lives in a labyrinth without exit. We solve problems when we confront them and not imagine them in order to solve them when and if, supposently we have them. It is a logic where while tries to predict the future, loses ground from the present time. In the condition of the soul we live now, we will live in 2000 years, no matter the outer environment, the soul lives and behaves the way it has been taught/learn/influenced & depending on our idiosyncrasy, society, beliefs and the ethos.

The Writing 101 by WordPress.com in 2000 years will be under new technology, it will be the space known as well as the cell of our body. Thus, some great mysteries of the universe would be known but the way of human writing doesn’t change because of them (the discoveries) but because of us and our inner evolution. In few words I will be writing the same way in 500 years as I write now.
I realy don’t know about 2000 years how… but who spoke about dust… I spoke about As…


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