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God Said: Have a Ring Fisherman

Vasily’s small caique just reaches the fishing port of Parcet. Nets full of fish are waiting selection some for the home, for the market & the best for restaurants. He has many weeks pulling out of sea so heavy nets. He laughs. Apart him, four mouths are waiting home to get fed.

One after the other the different fish from the nets go to different baskets besides him. The noisy flying seagulls over him make cycles as come closer and closer. In an instant from the net Vasily grasps something among algae, heavy and long. What surprise! It was a woman’s hand cut right from the arm. Her index finger adorns a glittering ring with a giant gem stone. Hesitates for a while.
Should he visit police or…?

He wakes up.
“So, was it all a dream?!!”
On the nightstand beside him a ring with a precious stone shines.

(The photo I used is mine)


3 thoughts on “

  1. Priceless Joy

    Very nice! Even though it was all a dream he still had the ring he dreamed about on his nightstand! Lovely story. The rules of this challenge is that you have to attach the photo prompt along with your story. You can add your own photo as long as you also attach the photo prompt. This is important because it is what inspired the story to begin with. Welcome to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers! Thank you for participating and I hope to read more of your stories in the future.

      1. Priceless Joy

        You are welcome to if you wish but don’t need to since we will have a new challenge out this evening. I just ask that you include the prompt photo with your future stories. (And you can also add your own photo too, as long as you have the prompt photo). You are also welcome to make the prompt photo smaller if you need to.

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