Digging His Own Grave

Digging His Own Grave wpid-photo-20151005074310397

Commodies, a five-member rock group, decades old whose songs hit numbers 9 & 13 in world’s chart. Tours around country arouse the crowds. Derrick (lead guitar) and Johansson (vocals) are on an endless feud. Conflicts have cost many problems to group. Among them excels the divorce of Johansson with his wife Denise (keyboards). Johansson noticed that Derrick flirts with his ex-wife and became mad. Denise stands between as red cloth.

Ampletton’s stage is ready for the performance of Commodies. Tickets are sold out.

Backstage, a shadow moves among wires, heavy lights& ropes, unplugs connection of the master console adds wire & short-cuts electricity to guitar’s amplifier. Dark fate of electric shock accomplishes the aims of evil. Two eyes watch.

The show starts lights on, sounds & yells. Derrick plugs his guitar and… nothing. Instead, when Johansson grasps his microphone a flash-light deepens stage to dark. Boos! Lights are on. Johansson lies dead on stage.

Behind piano the upper lip of Denise smiles evilly.

(Photo prompt by Etol Bagam)


11 thoughts on “Digging His Own Grave

  1. Priceless Joy

    I love how you set up the scene and the ending line, “Behind the piano the upper lip of Denise smiles evilly.” Wonderful story and so well done! Thank you for participating in FFfAW challenge!

  2. izzy-grabs-life

    Clue meets Rock Band! (Sort of ^_^) How terrible that she took things this far to rid herself of Johansson without the band getting any backlash. Tsk tsk tsk. Makes for a good story, though!

    1. augokissas Post author

      Surtainly, if someone wants to trace this murder there are plenty of clues but those are in more than one photo and when are animated there could be a movie of crime story, a film noir better. Otherwise, I would like calling inspector Clouse, Peter Seller… to trace everything in three series movies. Thanks for you comment was brilliant.

    1. augokissas Post author

      See how women work. She isn’ in the action, I only referred her name twice and you are correct, she caused one divorsment, one conflict between to otherwise partners and attracted your own comment. Thank you for your comment. I agree Denise is terrible as a… she-rocker.


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