Poisoning in Red

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers wpid photo

“Poisoning in Red”

Pale candlelight lightened her face. Porcelain-white flesh mixed in purple shades.
Her soulless body in a long red-dress, half-inclined on a table, was found next morning by inspector Joeft.

He wondered “passion crime?” an empty tiny bottle of poison beside her.

Incapable looked Joeft matches any clues. Rosa, the victim was an elite whore with distinguished high rank customers.
Last month no one’s seen her mating. How to trace a supposed well-hidden rantevou that very few should have known or most possibly no one?

To that enigma, Rosa’s lawyer visited inspector’s office delivering a letter.

After poison of promises and betrayals, I’m leaving this vainly world.
In following list are my famous filthy customers and their vicious desires. Dealing with my lawyer you’ll receive the video-tapes, evidence of all.
He’ll also confidentially explain you the real “whys” of my perpetration.
Rosa Dandley

(Single-mother of six children)

(words: 146)
Thank you “wpid’ for your photo


3 thoughts on “Poisoning in Red

    1. augokissas Post author

      Drama needs less words, happy end more. I needed 40-60 more words for living more Rosa’s story. I passed her away and finished. That was good, thaks for your nice comments.


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