That Night!

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That Night!

Any time I pass by the “Angel’s Prayer” monument my heart bleeds.
Recalling to my memory your rejection in my proposal under angel’s praying hands, I get mad & my soul asks for revenge.
Ah, that night…!
I don’t hide that many times mentally I get the black color spray, vandalizing it.
I write on it words as “EVIL”, HATRED” or “REVENGE”.
One of these nights, I really got the spray on hands and with violent desire ran to our square. Angry as I was I rushed blotting it.
Then, my eyes turned to its eyes. That eye-contact was something strange.
I wrote something and… a spark in my soul made me run away forgiving everything on you. Was something altered my emotions.

Next morning passers read on angel’s feet “LOVE FOREVER”.

(Thank you for the photo Sonya)
(134 words)


2 thoughts on “That Night!

  1. Priceless Joy

    He obviously is still very much in love with his love interest and the angel statue made him realize that. Wonderful story! It’s a good thing that he chose forgiveness in the end.

    1. augokissas Post author

      Yes, Priceless, all of this fiction stands on his penance. The alter ego of his ego altered discovering Love. ‘Ah, that night!” In which of the two nights he refers, the night of rejection or the night he found love via Angel’s interference?


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