The Colors of Life

The Colors of Life wpid-photo-20151109112718588

Yellow: Darwin & Julia lived in the west bank of Kifisso River which curves through a small village. Julia decided where and Darwin followed happily. Few years before, Julia had had miscarriage pregnancy by accident. That cost her nervous breakdown. Darwin wasn’t with her then. He entered into her life shortly after.

Green: They fought together to reach to a restarting level. Change perception against life’s affairs is almost unavoidable clash with routine. Planting, bicycling in woods, cooking, painting and poetry accompany them, now. Eventually their new style replaced the older dull, daily routine. Without curtains sunbeams spread all over. Miraculous events occurred in couple’s life & smile flourished on Julia’s face, again.

Red: One grayish morning, colors filled their life when Darwin woke up and rushed out for dog’s needs. He became astonished seeing Julia’s parked old car painted in bright colors & on top of, flourished flowers. Calling Julia laughed together, embraced.

During that day learned that maternal “stork” will visit Julia shortly.

(165 words)

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3 thoughts on “The Colors of Life

    1. Augoustinos

      Thank you Pricless Joy. And… who has possibly painted her car and planted the flowers? A fairy! Generally, I don’t believe in fairies but it’s a very good/short explanation for cutting words.


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