In the Name of This Hangout


In our crucial meeting tonight
Beyond borders and biased lines
In a platform with divided pieces
We shall deepen our minds into holy abysses.

Shall discuss for the matter of courses
Or gossip for the lectures and forces
Which proclaim the source of our knowledge
Hide and kept in thy secrecy foliage.

Ther’ isn’t doubt for the well of Coursera
Between bad or the good of this era
Sharing values, ideas of our times
Searching similar abundant minds.

Have you heard sections culture & art?
Have you listened to the music of Bach?
Have you seen social media market?
Have you searched estimated target?

Have you learned about games & robotic?
Or what springs behind actions logic
Universities signed our brand
In a status to remain the grant.

It’s a spectrum with the palette of colors
That should bring the investment of donors
It’s a sound that comes out a horn
Call us all to bend over with love.

Not to blame some principal Axioms
We should take effectively actions
And respectfully close our eyes
When empire comes to a rise.

Some Courserians want to Crusade
And the war it begins from the States
With esteem & relief they shall die
At the end of the course may they sigh.

When is everything up to an end
And the back of ourselves it is bend
We shall look up and high to sky
And a tear… we shall fall of our cry.

In the name of this very hangout
Not intention put the senses you out
Not a harm from the sound of words
Or discomfort from the volume of faults.

I salute your respectfully audience
In the name of our graduated loneliness
An embrace in the middle of this world
This protects us by the dangerous fall.


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