The Mentor of the Next Door

The Mentor of the Next Door

(I have to declare that any resemblance or seemingly differences with persons and matters of the following plot is by accident and has not been committed by the purpose of insulting or by no means seducing the honest feelings of audience).

It is Sunday morning. Over the small city of Goldlost a delirious bright sun shines uninterruptedly. Jonathan, (our Mentor hero) nostalgically looks out of the window. He has to review many peers’ assignments and correct many other works during day that an escape to nature seems naturally prohibited. Though the nature calls him. All morning he conflicts with his thoughts which as pursuit planes attack his brain.

Suddenly, he grasps his back-bag throws inside few things and runs quickly to the nearest park. In few minutes lying on the grass, breathing deeply the smells of nature and listening to the sweet-voiced of the abundant birds. He has a foxy smile with an evil pleasure in his eyes. It seems he has escaped the burden of coursera students and all the rest tortures of reviewing and… correcting. Close to the woods his memory recalls some facts of his childhood. Immersed in his homesickness he wonders how innocent were the old days, how pure was the nature, and how simple were things.

A gap threatens this serenity between Jonathan and… Himself and shakes him up strongly. It certainly something goes wrong. Jonathan feels it deep into his soul. His idealistic pose for volunteering call him back and… Jonathan returns to reality, back to his duty.

He rephrases everything in his mind.

-Jonathan, what else did you want than little sun and the noble, distinct sense of freedom that only nature gives? And now… you’ve got it.

He calmly opens his back-bag, takes out his lap-top & checks out batteries. With refreshed his bones & muscles he starts correcting the assignments one after the other. In great pleasure and cool mood continues reviewing and correcting patiently almost until the sunset and of course a light meal under the shadow of a thick pine.

A pleasurable smile full of satisfaction sits upon his upper lip. His warm heart sings some verses of those old days song.
“Next door lives my fellow, my fellow, my brother fellow …”
“Next door lives my fellow, my fellow, my sad brother fellow…”
“Sad when I discovered I live next to my sad brother fellow…”

(388 words)



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