About The Learning Disability Committees

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About The Learning Disability Committees

Good evening to all. I’m Augoustinos Kissamitakis, mentor in Arts & Culture Strategy. I’ll try to unfold in front of you, a subject I noticed in class the last decade in Greece. I don’t know in other countries may be more or less common fact or nearly the… same.

It is about students having learning difficulties at least under the lens of committees adapted to our educational system. The system magnify those diversities upon pupil’s face by the “verdict” of the relevant committees that our ignorance has invented transforming so these results into disabilities.

These committees add up in tags, signs, labels for any variation & slightly difference happens to have a pupil which as a consequence woods kid deeply and marks it for life.

I’m not talking about kids with special needs but about children with normal action and reaction as child, mentally & in physiology correct though have some learning difficulties in some lessons (diagnosed as ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia etc).

For me that I have worked with these children as help teacher, every time I read the multi-page outcome for a child, I laugh with the committee’s members’ ability to realize so many things on the 6-7-8 year old pupil.

(Curiously, I confronted the same event, or in worst degree I may say, in the educational system of South Africa when I called to help a kid two years ago).
Believe me, upon them I build my success because in the long run they happen to be very intelligent, very cooperative and some of them really genius.
As long as remember, when I was student we had boys and girls that couldn’t follow the class rhythm but no one & never had stuck on them a tag calling them… dummy.

All of them now have they life based upon any job they chose or forced by need and asking you what would have added to them the dead-end result of a committee telling them you are not able to continue lessons in this level.

Even though this characterization is covered for the other children, the kid carries it as a mark on its face and this is by far off the purpose the committee is built for.

I doubt as result for the role of these committees and ask to revise their function in the educational system. Hopefully, my children/pupils continue against committees conviction and some of them are above clever student level.

Thank for listening


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