New World Order

Times have changed verses.  B


The entity of Cosmos starts from poetry

For our pleasure and to what is our forgery.


As embrace was the fistful of our world

Were the days we tranquility call

Mental chorus which it played cheer songs

For a creation that it stands by its own.


This on earth and that at sea

To some uncertain and other more clear

Touch the strange and begins to appear

Creatures’ voices from the space, we hear

It’s that mourning that the universe sings.


When you find that that rhythm has decreased

Curse replaced by the kingdom of our fears

Then the verses of our heart would be in sorrow

To a vague, and uncertain crashed tomorrow.


Could the beat of our heart that has fallen?

Could the rhythm of our souls be in shaken?

Or… the Universe that’s ordered our death

To be present when we threaten this earth

Damned verses for we doubted our birth.


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