In Soul’s Shelf (self)

Usally the poets don’t use the word given as theme, subject, prompt. It’s better to be a theory, a scheme an abstruct idea all around the point. That for poets. I’m not one so, I used the key word “drawer” 850 times.

In Soul’s Shelf (self)

Categorized experiences in soul’s shelf
It is the savior key against hell
A medium dinghy in a wild sea
In odd circumstances we cannot see.

Assorted Memories in Soul’s Drawer
Knowledge arises in Respect & gives them Power
Sorrow is converted into relief
Save the ramblers in life’s trip.

A secret drawer where no one knew
He put her memory as she was cute
Recalled never as he was ceased
From pain hearted has been released.

One day walking in time’s stream
My God! He saw her and it was SHE!
The drawer opened his eyes front
The pain came put him in cross.

Years had passed without her
And all these years he wasn’t there
His pain changed in void space
An empty “drawer” up to his face

Opens the drawers of all the shelf
His heart is empty deepen in self
He couldn’t manage and seat aback
Her face majored adding more dark.

His shelf (self) is broken in pieces shed
And he remembers what he had said
The life’s theories that he could choose
Now, his life scattered lose.

He draws indifferent cycles on sand
And he repents that has no son
Opened cycles into his mind
His life’s crime is out of time.

He stays alone after his “death”
And doesn’t speak like it is deaf
He never uses again the shelf
His drawer’s meaning is for the… hell.



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