The Future Sonnet of Chiasmus


Look at the future

Back seated on an old rusty armchair
Melancholy covers the realm of the face
Double cheated by our stolen future
Black dust spread all around our grace.

Dominance conflicts with the power
Egos take out their teeth
Finds solutions in front of a browser
How would they stop us from breath?

Nature has found its solution
Species and genres ahead
Nothing can stop evolution.

Smiling faces counter in heavens
Now it’s the time to amend
Result regrets of Eva’s & Adam’s.

The Lo of the Love

Leave you as I lie
Or lie as you leave
Bring me back alive
Or leave me just to live.

Life makes the difference and
Difference makes life
Dreadful lamp as loose
In Life crumbs to lose
As follow…
Learn the laws of love
And love the laws to learn
Pleasant pleasure pleases you
And pleases you to please
Plenty of plots are plea
And plea the plots I plough
Love is never ending
An end I never love.


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