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This is a blog where the Author displays his projects. Once you are here don’t you look if there is something you like it?  Designs, cartoons, drawings & photos are some of the dispayed items as well as some writings and thoughts that I like to share. 

I am the Author AugoKissas welcoming you to my site and giving you my wishes for a joyful tour. The cartoons & caricatures you’re going to meet in this site are my effort to tell something. The beneath saying is from the drama “Ifigeneia in Aulide” by Euripide, where the King of Mycenae, Agamemnon, asked gods via the temple priests to explain the omens.

Do you think that I copy others? No way! The stopped wind generators is my responce to this bloody crisis that deprives the fair wind travelling the ships to our Ithaka. Back then, one thousand Greek ships waited for months the wind to blow in port of Avlida , so as the troops (being in hunger & despair after this long time) travel to Troia to fulfill their purpose.

Today, with hundred thousands of unemployed people around the globe & many more with great financial problems, I am asking you:

Where is the wind, why ain’t come to Avlida? 



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