After few glasses “gene-fish”

(press on image to enlarge)
A Fly in my Butter

From the footprint
On my script
I imagined that was she.

From the voice
In my ears
I reckoned she was near.

By the time
She was here
Dreams inverted into tears.

And the beatings
Of my heart
Looking up the glowing stars

Went off rushed.

Colors spread
And made me sigh
I believe you till I die

When I reached you
You left, you fly
My forever butterfly.

And in front
Your precious eyes
That one it made me cried
I’m afraid that is thy
I’m a single and ugly… fly.

After few glasses gene-fish

I did all of your caprice
And you had me tied in lease
Treat me like I was a dog
Barked the nights over my bock.

I know I’ve been selfish
That turned me into jelly fish
Recovered immediately
And I’m now a surf-fish.


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