The beneath “whatever” is something of metaphor with the FOG and the Elegy genre is under the image.
Muddy Nights (like Boogy Nights)

Today’s brains are in dark
Ideas falling back in luck
In notions which never last
Driven by the dirty lust.

The hat we wear is shading sun
That trap that is to be Someone
An ego that is strong enough
Saving flesh from what has done.

Erotic echoes from the frog
Arise from the loamy mud
Deepening more in vain our thought
As if they covered by fog.


The Elegy’s Elegy

Brave’s saying love is trust
That forever ever lasts.

Double betrayed at once
And the heart for ever thorns.

Who’s the will shall stay still
Not if tried by the steel.

Who’s the love proceed to thy
If it isn’t till to die.

Timeless, eternal relief
The one that comes from grief.

Loving care that comes from monk
It is Hidden in fog.

Brave’s saying love is crashed
When his words are for the trash.


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