JOHN RITSOS (1909-1990)

John Ritsos has written over hundred poetic collections, theatrical plays, nouvelles that several of them has been translated in many languages. The years of my youth Iread & listened to Ritsos in a period that stumped my further decisions for life. He is immediate and up to reality though its surealistic forms. Radical blank verse in a matured, humanistic way completes its progresive for those days style.


i’d like telling you something
something to sing.
i forgot and you, i forgot and me.
the song took me away with its ship.
in the waters of song
i got drawn by its song
the song is what has left.

my god
what a dumb father you’ve got my girl!
on my heart
under my suit,
i’ve kept
your pictures
i pretend the indifferent,
i don’t talk for you,
i pretend that i look far ahead, the mountains,
i pretend looking the window shopping,
i good buy my friends,
i chit-chat,
i throw my glance on a book,
i pretend that i look at my shoes
so as not to see me,
not to understand me
that i stare only on you,
that i haven’t eyes but for you,
but look my girl,
your pictures are stumped on my cloths
printed, printed light,
on my suit,
on my hairs and on my hands
in my eyes
your pictures,
my child,
my child who laughs,
my child
imprinted light on my door
imprinted light on the air
and the bubble over,
in the mountain,
in the sun.
everyone understood me,
hind me in your hands.

my God, what a dumb father you’ve got!



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