Journey-limerick- alliteration



Out of Here

I was dreaming to be in a place
Quiet in the outer space
The mind will be absent alone
And the body piled up on a throne
I’ll enjoy the eternal grace.

When the voices reaching my ears
Will deprive all my innocent fears
And will be that a song of a chorus
The one that the angels may sing
That ones with the sexiest… string.

Far from here to nowhere
Not a trash of a follower
I shall try to feel & enjoy
Not the Helen of the conquered Troy
But the beers that it comes in convoy.

Sitting now on this terrible sofa
Like being in a hurtfully comma
Try verses for this limerick
Travel false being dizzily sick
cigar butt in my lips that it stings.

Fools’ truth

Far beneath the sky
Long ago had tried
Searching love and truth
Things can never prove.

Going back in time
Searching for a rhyme
The one that scream
And fulfill the dream.

Changed bus & trams
And he bought that drums
Changed place & village
To complete his mileage.

Is Life Trip or Destination? (prompt)

Miles passing behind
Endless road ahead
Gas in soul and mind
Never being abed.

Said good buy to his youth
As another one fool
Crossed his fingers in wish
And untied his leash.

Is it time or watch?
The one that it made him lost
Destination isn’t important
But the trip that makes you immortal.

He declined the one number rule
In arrest had resisted as mule
And the fatal attached to his fingers
Turned cups pulled the triggers.

In a trip that he’s never returned
Destination is better than ever
Otherwise the time is count
Not a place where can never be found.

Miles passing him by
Endless road beneath
Running out of gas
Is it better than… crash?


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