Landscape: The Legendary Love

The Legendary Love

Travelers call you Island of Legendary Love
And they have right.

I was astonished
When I met you last summer lying under the sun
In your twisted sandy beaches, your blue-green waters,
The picturesque villages up in the mountains
Surrounded by thick shaded forests, ribbons of narrow pathways
Dressed up around in myriad colorful flowers.

Down to the ports tiny fisher’s villages with the small smoked cafes,
The sea-birds crying up in the blue sky, the small fishing boats
Rested like on rocking chairs sensitive in the smallest drafts of the air
& the whim of the sea that make love to their keel.

By having spread open their fishing nets around the deck
It’s like provoking the birds, kidding people, quarrel with wind.

Fascinated by all that beauty that I absorbed by
Ears, mouth, nose and the pores of my epidermis,
With my vessels full of blood ready to erupt
I saw you!
In a sudden, the previous images of glory and honor
Was erased I got blinded, I lost my sight
And since then I have eyes only for you.

Blonde long hair, green clear eyes
Wide open to watch the true passing by
Tall thin figure, curved in delicate lines
Swinging, rocking, dancing, jumping by…

Now! Walking on the hot gold sand of my destiny
Asking for the minutes we spent together
Singing our song of love by leaving notes
Under my footsteps for the rest of my life

Now! I learned why called you,
Island of the Legendary Love
Yes! You that taught me why love deserves
And what the legend is about.

poem landscape


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