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Answering questions that expand the range of the course

Answering questions that expand the range of the course & consequently we may not know the answer, (that after 48 hours no one answered).

Johansson, I appreciate sharing with us this challenging question which as you understand is far off the limits & the scope of this course. We may try together and find an acceptable answer. Searching in the web, I found that the sections (A, B, C &… link) refer on this topic and thus leaving free the possibility to happen what you’ve already suppositivelly mentioned in your question. As you understand is hard to impossible to happen the opposite.
Please, check out those paradigms and share with us your conclusions.
There are other sources that may quench your thirst for knowledge and I may direct you to (references…).

Will be glad helping you answer.
If in any case your question isn’t sufficiently covered you may post to Community Support Forum.
Thank you for posting and don’t’ hesitate to ask anything is into the curriculum of this course.
(Assignment 2. Coursera Mentor Course)

About The Learning Disability Committees

TED talk

About The Learning Disability Committees

Good evening to all. I’m Augoustinos Kissamitakis, mentor in Arts & Culture Strategy. I’ll try to unfold in front of you, a subject I noticed in class the last decade in Greece. I don’t know in other countries may be more or less common fact or nearly the… same.

It is about students having learning difficulties at least under the lens of committees adapted to our educational system. The system magnify those diversities upon pupil’s face by the “verdict” of the relevant committees that our ignorance has invented transforming so these results into disabilities.

These committees add up in tags, signs, labels for any variation & slightly difference happens to have a pupil which as a consequence woods kid deeply and marks it for life.

I’m not talking about kids with special needs but about children with normal action and reaction as child, mentally & in physiology correct though have some learning difficulties in some lessons (diagnosed as ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia etc).

For me that I have worked with these children as help teacher, every time I read the multi-page outcome for a child, I laugh with the committee’s members’ ability to realize so many things on the 6-7-8 year old pupil.

(Curiously, I confronted the same event, or in worst degree I may say, in the educational system of South Africa when I called to help a kid two years ago).
Believe me, upon them I build my success because in the long run they happen to be very intelligent, very cooperative and some of them really genius.
As long as remember, when I was student we had boys and girls that couldn’t follow the class rhythm but no one & never had stuck on them a tag calling them… dummy.

All of them now have they life based upon any job they chose or forced by need and asking you what would have added to them the dead-end result of a committee telling them you are not able to continue lessons in this level.

Even though this characterization is covered for the other children, the kid carries it as a mark on its face and this is by far off the purpose the committee is built for.

I doubt as result for the role of these committees and ask to revise their function in the educational system. Hopefully, my children/pupils continue against committees conviction and some of them are above clever student level.

Thank for listening

The Mentor of the Next Door

The Mentor of the Next Door

(I have to declare that any resemblance or seemingly differences with persons and matters of the following plot is by accident and has not been committed by the purpose of insulting or by no means seducing the honest feelings of audience).

It is Sunday morning. Over the small city of Goldlost a delirious bright sun shines uninterruptedly. Jonathan, (our Mentor hero) nostalgically looks out of the window. He has to review many peers’ assignments and correct many other works during day that an escape to nature seems naturally prohibited. Though the nature calls him. All morning he conflicts with his thoughts which as pursuit planes attack his brain.

Suddenly, he grasps his back-bag throws inside few things and runs quickly to the nearest park. In few minutes lying on the grass, breathing deeply the smells of nature and listening to the sweet-voiced of the abundant birds. He has a foxy smile with an evil pleasure in his eyes. It seems he has escaped the burden of coursera students and all the rest tortures of reviewing and… correcting. Close to the woods his memory recalls some facts of his childhood. Immersed in his homesickness he wonders how innocent were the old days, how pure was the nature, and how simple were things.

A gap threatens this serenity between Jonathan and… Himself and shakes him up strongly. It certainly something goes wrong. Jonathan feels it deep into his soul. His idealistic pose for volunteering call him back and… Jonathan returns to reality, back to his duty.

He rephrases everything in his mind.

-Jonathan, what else did you want than little sun and the noble, distinct sense of freedom that only nature gives? And now… you’ve got it.

He calmly opens his back-bag, takes out his lap-top & checks out batteries. With refreshed his bones & muscles he starts correcting the assignments one after the other. In great pleasure and cool mood continues reviewing and correcting patiently almost until the sunset and of course a light meal under the shadow of a thick pine.

A pleasurable smile full of satisfaction sits upon his upper lip. His warm heart sings some verses of those old days song.
“Next door lives my fellow, my fellow, my brother fellow …”
“Next door lives my fellow, my fellow, my sad brother fellow…”
“Sad when I discovered I live next to my sad brother fellow…”

(388 words)


In the Name of This Hangout


In our crucial meeting tonight
Beyond borders and biased lines
In a platform with divided pieces
We shall deepen our minds into holy abysses.

Shall discuss for the matter of courses
Or gossip for the lectures and forces
Which proclaim the source of our knowledge
Hide and kept in thy secrecy foliage.

Ther’ isn’t doubt for the well of Coursera
Between bad or the good of this era
Sharing values, ideas of our times
Searching similar abundant minds.

Have you heard sections culture & art?
Have you listened to the music of Bach?
Have you seen social media market?
Have you searched estimated target?

Have you learned about games & robotic?
Or what springs behind actions logic
Universities signed our brand
In a status to remain the grant.

It’s a spectrum with the palette of colors
That should bring the investment of donors
It’s a sound that comes out a horn
Call us all to bend over with love.

Not to blame some principal Axioms
We should take effectively actions
And respectfully close our eyes
When empire comes to a rise.

Some Courserians want to Crusade
And the war it begins from the States
With esteem & relief they shall die
At the end of the course may they sigh.

When is everything up to an end
And the back of ourselves it is bend
We shall look up and high to sky
And a tear… we shall fall of our cry.

In the name of this very hangout
Not intention put the senses you out
Not a harm from the sound of words
Or discomfort from the volume of faults.

I salute your respectfully audience
In the name of our graduated loneliness
An embrace in the middle of this world
This protects us by the dangerous fall.

The Colors of Life

The Colors of Life wpid-photo-20151109112718588

Yellow: Darwin & Julia lived in the west bank of Kifisso River which curves through a small village. Julia decided where and Darwin followed happily. Few years before, Julia had had miscarriage pregnancy by accident. That cost her nervous breakdown. Darwin wasn’t with her then. He entered into her life shortly after.

Green: They fought together to reach to a restarting level. Change perception against life’s affairs is almost unavoidable clash with routine. Planting, bicycling in woods, cooking, painting and poetry accompany them, now. Eventually their new style replaced the older dull, daily routine. Without curtains sunbeams spread all over. Miraculous events occurred in couple’s life & smile flourished on Julia’s face, again.

Red: One grayish morning, colors filled their life when Darwin woke up and rushed out for dog’s needs. He became astonished seeing Julia’s parked old car painted in bright colors & on top of, flourished flowers. Calling Julia laughed together, embraced.

During that day learned that maternal “stork” will visit Julia shortly.

(165 words)

(We thank pixabay.com for picture)

That Night!

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers wpid-photo-20151102113729944

That Night!

Any time I pass by the “Angel’s Prayer” monument my heart bleeds.
Recalling to my memory your rejection in my proposal under angel’s praying hands, I get mad & my soul asks for revenge.
Ah, that night…!
I don’t hide that many times mentally I get the black color spray, vandalizing it.
I write on it words as “EVIL”, HATRED” or “REVENGE”.
One of these nights, I really got the spray on hands and with violent desire ran to our square. Angry as I was I rushed blotting it.
Then, my eyes turned to its eyes. That eye-contact was something strange.
I wrote something and… a spark in my soul made me run away forgiving everything on you. Was something altered my emotions.

Next morning passers read on angel’s feet “LOVE FOREVER”.

(Thank you for the photo Sonya)
(134 words)